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Established in 1985, Chyi Ching industry Co., Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing high precision plastic injection mold, and is recognized by the plastic injection molding machine suppliers and molding industries as a dependable plastic injection molding factory.
Since the establishment of the company, Chyi Ching has always followed its policy of constant upgrades in mold making technologies and manufacturing facilities in order to keep pace with the latest technical advances, and provide maximum service for our customers.

Plastic Injection Production
We are well experienced with a wide range of plastic injection production for: 1. household appliance. 2. medical supplies and accessories. 3. computer peripheral accessories. 4. electrical and electronics appliance. 5. motorcycle & bicycle and automobile parts. 6. various plastic products.
Plastic Injection Molds
Being reliable plastic injection molds manufacturers, we offer plastic injection molds. The plastic injection mould maker manufactures products include in household appliance, medical supplies and accessories, electrical appliance, computer peripheral accessories, electrical appliance, electronics, computer peripheral accessories, motorcycle & bicycle parts and various plastic products. Applied for various molding types: General Injection Molding Insert MoldingMolds for soft / hard plastic materialsSecondary Molding Dual Color Injection Molding Features 1. Outstanding mold design capability - advanced mold flow software to analyze the molding press. 2. 5-Axis machining center - various computerized machine tools. 3. Strict quality control - research and development of mold making technology to meet high quality and high precision.