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利用超音波高頻率震動, 破壞液態分子結構, 將水霧化成極小粒子, 利用電風扇傳播出去, 迅速增加空氣中的濕度.

This device creates high frequent vibration by ultrasonic to atomize the water elements into extra fine spray. It quickly adds moisture in the air by blowing out the find spray through a fan.

超音波霧化過程中產生的負離子, 與空氣中帶正電荷漂浮的煙霧及粉塵結合, 以靜電方式將塵埃沉澱過濾, 能去除二手菸 甲醛 一氧化碳及其他異味, 使空氣淨化清新.

The atomization by ultrasonic will create anions which can neutralize the ions in the smoke and dust in the air, and filter the dirt with static electricity.  It will clean the air by carrying away the odor of cigarettes, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and others.

能調節冷氣房內空氣濕度, 可加入精油或花水, 能紓解壓力, 放鬆精神, 頭腦清新, 身心平衡.

It can adjust the air moisture in an air conditioned room.  Ethereal oil or flower extraction can be added in the liquid to release stress, relax, refresh our brains and keep balance of body and mind.

本產品台灣製造 有三種顏色

The product is made in Taiwan. 

Three colors for options:

粉紫色  purple pink

蘋果綠  apple green

白色    white

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